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Presentation With Exapaq, you have access to all parcel information.

In France and in Europe you benefit from a uniform handling process.

Your parcels are tracked from pick-up to delivery and tracking them is easy and free.

To provide you with access to this parcel information, Exapaq has implemented several solutions to make it easier to track your goods and to ensure that your parcels are delivered in line with your expectations.

Exapaq uses all the new technology resources available to allow you to track your parcels in the way you want: easily and quickly.

For you, this means:

  • More time and simplified management of your activity
  • Increased productivity
  • Proactivity in terms of your clients, meaning greater customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer relations, thanks to the free proof of delivery, which avoids any disputes

In just a few minutes discover how Exapaq works and explore the diverse solutions available to you in the following pages: